Jax Taylor rocking our AU NOIR. red Granger Smith, singer, at Academy Awards. ferre Tito Puente Jr., Shine brightly friends. mundial Orbit Thursdays at Orbit New York Ultra Sexy Rooftop, 50 cent wearing a DUCATI white. 50-1 Patrick Norman host the “Pour l’amour de country” TV show wearing the VERSUS white / black. Patrick-Norman-4 Fernandor Corona Warner Music Recording Artist weariing the KENT black. kent Jeff Smallwood on the “Pour l’amour de country” TV show wearing the SANTIAGO black. jeff Dj Ralph, undoubtedly, is one of the most successful dj of the french scene, wearing the GIOVANNI nuovo stripe white. raph 50 Cent Bottle Signing in Philadelphia wearing the SHANGAI navy. 50 Watch Bruny Surin wearing the Nadal check navy on Reid Between The Lines Face-off. Bruny Surin Juan Manuel Márquez, World champion WBA, IBF and WBO. Juan Manuel Márquez Maxime Landry – Rendez-vous (Clip web) . maxime landry Calum Graham, Tabula Rasa – Acoustic Guitar. Calum Graham AU NOIR interview at Ca Commence Bien on Vtele chanel. vtele_entrevus GAVIN SMITH, Poker professional wearing an ALEXANDER at Montreal FULL TILT. alex Patrick Langlois looks great in an AU NOIR shirt during the morning show at Vtele. tarantino GANGNAM STYLE Rocks The Club in a white FRANCESCO AU NOIR shirt… franseco Andy Mailly-Pressoir sports broadcaster for Ca Commence Bien on channel Vtele. V tele CALUM GRAHAM an up and coming artist… vasquez_white AU NOIR proud sponsor of Martin Dube, Time Machine show. Martin Dubé GANGNAM STYLE at the GRAND PRIX F1 Monaco 2013. gamg Bruny Surin. World sprinting champion at the “Thomas Sabo” store opening in Laval. Wearing a VINCENZO…. Bruny Surin GANGNAM STYLE  at the Sutton club in Barcelon! sutton The best dressed men after the game! (L’antichambre, RDS) rds Maxime Landry, from Star Académie 2009, autograph session in Thetford Mines. maxime GANGNAM STYLE , wearing Vasquez red on his Bday with Christian De Terme, wearing Xavier fuchsia, owner of Chic4events agency and their friends in Barcelona. bday RANDY RAYMOND, singer of REVOLVER. vincenzo Maxime Landry, from Star Académie 2009, on stage in Thetford Mines. maxime-stage AU NOIR worn by the star on THE VOICE tv show, Jean-Pierre Ferland… Sylvain Cossette was wearing a AU NOIR shirt, NOAZ white, at Marina Orsini’s chrismas party…. Des Parents wins an award at Gala des Olivier. Joey Scarpellino dressed in a Bodega white / black by Au Noir. Éric Maheu bass guitarist of Kain, the Canadian folk rock group, pictured above with his band, wearing an Au Noir shirt, Rock on Eric! Eric and the band Kain are natives of Drummondville just outside Montreal, Quebec the home of Au Noir.